can’t take my eyes off of you

Have you seen the user "hungariansone"? They're pretending to be a Sone but are constantly heaping hate on Sooyoung, saying she's such an ugly untalented bitch and should just leave the group (oh, but she'd be a "failure" on her own). They're a pretty obvious troll/anti, but STILL.

yes i know what the mother father is and we just need to do this to him

mr mr u dead

yuri is really good at greeting people

Did you perhaps go to smtown in Seoul last summer? I saw you made the post about the fan(me lol) Sooyoung led over to Yunho. I only told a little group of people right after the consert, and I was wondering if you maybe are one of them

hahaha no I think I read that on Twitter. it had a lot of retweets by the time i saw it so i just turned it into a gifset! you were so luck to meet sooyoung!